Competions rules

In the men’s 100m race, the first three of each heat plus the best
two times enter the final.

It is the link between the Organization, Athletes and Technical Delegate and the technical reference point. Here you can:

  • collect the bibs, for all those athletes who have not collected them before
  • confirm registrations: within 60 minutes
  • collect and deliver the relay confirmation form
  • hand over personal tools for verification
  • submit complaints or appeals in second instance in writing.

The poles must be taken to the TIC 90 minutes before the event.

BIB Numbers
They are delivered at the TIC upon confirmation. The leg bib numbers will be given in Call Room.

Warm up area
At the Bruno Zauli School Camp.

Call Room
Athletes must present to the Call Room in the following ways:

  • 20 minutes before for running and relay races
  • 30 minutes before for extension jumps and throws
  • 50 minutes before for the pole vault
  • Athletes will have to provide the shoes model form (docpdf)

Access to the field and exit
Athletes access to the competition area exclusively through the Call Room and go out through the Mixed area.


Fisioterapy will be available 48 hours before the event. The timetable will soon be published.

Protests and appeals
In first instance, protests shall be made orally to the Referee of the specific event
within 30 minutes from the officialization of the result In second instance
appeals must be submitted in writing to the TIC,
addressed to the Jury of Appeal accompanied by a deposit of Euro 100.00
within 30 minutes of the decision against which you intend to appeal.

Women Pole Vault: 3.88 – 4.08 – 4.28 – 4.43 – 4.53 – 4.63 – 4.68 – + 5