Grifone Meeting: World Leading in the 800m!

Kenyan Nelly Chepchirchir illuminates Grosseto in the double lap – 7 Meeting Record in Tuscany. 4 best Italian performances of the year.

The Grifone Meeting 2023 does not disappoint expectations, expectations that were very high after last year’s exploit which had placed the event in the Top50 of the world ranking. At the Carlo Zecchini Stadium in Grosseto, under the direction ofAtletica Castiglionese and the meeting director Elisabetta Artuso, recording the best performance of the year in the world in the 800m women, race that on the eve was the most awaited: Nelly Chepchirchir, 20 year old Kenyan, closes the double lap with a time of 1’58″23 disintegrating his own personal best and hoisting himself to the top of the 2023 global ranking. But from this race also comes the excellent 2’00″80 of the Italian champion Eloisa Coiro (best Italian performance of the year), under the time of 2’03” the European cross country champions Gaia Sabbatini (2’02″23) and Federica Del Buono (2’02″59″).

Kenya also in the 5000m where the favorite Selah Jepleting, finished in 14’51″69 that not only represents the record of the meeting but also the fifth world time of the year. In the middele distance also the meeting record in the 1500m and 3000m with the young ethiopians Melkeneh Azize (3’38″95) and Ali Abdilmana (7’39″74) great satisfaction in Italy for second place with personal best and best national time of the season of Francesco Pernici (1’45″72), beaten only by the Norwegian Tobias Gronstad, 1’45″67 less than 3 tenths from the European leading.

Sprint– From the shorter races come the best Italian performances of the year by Lorenzo Benati (45″73) in the 400m, beaten only by the European bronze medalist Alex Haydock-Wilson, and by Irene Siragusa in the 100m, 11″43 behind the Portuguese Lorene Bazolo (11″ 33, meeting record). Records of the event also in the 100hs, where an old acquaintance of Zecchini wins, that Kaludia Siciarz (13″07) who in 2017 reached the podium of the Under 20 European Championships, and in the 200m men, where the Dominican Yancarlos Martinez prints a 20″33 in front to the excellent Marco Ricci (20″55). Martinez finished the day second in the 100m won by the Jamaican Oshane Bailey in 10″18.

Jumps – In the women’s long jump the Ecuadorian Juliana Angulo wins with 6.51m, in a very positive race for the Italians with Cestonaro at 6.40m, Battistella at 6.36m and Amani at 6.34m. In the men’s great jump by Antonino Trio that on the sixth attempt he places an excellent 7.90m which is worth the first place. Italian win also in the pole vault where the Italian record holder Roberta Bruni jump 4.50m ahead of the defending champion, and holder of the Norwegian record, Lene Retzius (4.40m).

The interviews:

The Major Antonfrancesco Vivarelli Colonna: “The meeting is confirmed as one of the most important in the world and has shown that it knows how to grow further, I spoke to many athletes and coaches who also on this occasion said they were enthusiastic because of the goodness of the track. I thank Elisabetta Artuso who bring athletes of this level to our city every year“.

The meeting director Elisabetta Artuso: “I am very satisfied with the success of the event and delighted that the best results have come from the 800m, a race I particularly care about” – referring to the distance in which she was multiple Italian champion – “we have this facility which is a guarantee of great results, I thank Atletica Grosseto for hosting us once again and the Municipal Administration that has been supporting us for months“.

The Grifone Meeting 2023:

  • To date, the meeting is placed in the 30th position of the world ranking, second in Europe.
  • The live broadcast on recorded over 3,500 viewers; the meeting will be broadcast on RaiSport on Sunday 28 May from 18:45 to 20:00
  • At the Grifone Meeting 7 primates of the event were improved, a World Leading was established and 4 best Italian performances of the year. Also improved 4 records of Zecchini Stadium